I lost music for a while, after succumbing to a wrist injury and realizing I would never play piano like I used too, music almost completely disappeared from my life. I continued to teach but, I never thought my path would lead me to take it into a full-time business endeavor. Looking back on these times, I realized this injury was something that needed to happen. Without it I never would’ve discovered my deep love for music collaboration and all the amazing benefits that come from making music together- socially, emotionally and academically.

I founded Impact! Music Studio because I wanted to impact the lives of anyone wanting to learn about music and show them the impact music can have on their lives. Whether that be the little babies or preschoolers in Kindermusik who love to dance and sing or the adults that have always wanted to know how to read music but, never were able too. Music is an inherent part of the human soul and Impact! Music Studio is a caring and comfortable environment for those looking to explore and grow their potential.



Music has been instilled in me since birth. Coming from a family of musicians I learned many instruments growing up. I was classically trained on piano accomplishing my Level 10 with the Royal Conservatory of Music. Beyond piano I have a passion for Musical Theatre and the collective musical experience. This led me down a path that involved many roles in the theatre world such as pit band pianist, cast member, and vocal director. Some of my favourite musicals that I have been a part of are Grease, West Side Story, and Little Shop of Horrors. I also became very involved playing keyboard/singing in jazz and rock bands where I learned how to play by ear, read chords, and improvise.

Teaching has always been a part of me and I learned from one of the best. An RCM examiner and festival adjudicator she knew how to bring out the best in her students and taught me how to do the same.  I started teaching piano at 14 and have never looked back. I now have over ten years experience in both private and group lessons in piano, voice, and musical theatre and love sharing my musical knowledge with everyone from babies to adults.

Kristen O'Neill


Impact Music Studio



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