Group Classes (including Kindermusik) with a start and end date

-$30 registration fee/family applies to new students (one-time fee)
-No Classes on Long Weekends 
-50% refund will be applied for students resigning before classes begin
-No refund for classes once classes have begun
-We understand life is busy especially with children. If you have to miss a class please let us know beforehand via email ( Students are allowed up to two missed classes/ session that can be used as a credit towards next session. Families will only be credited for a maximum of 2 missed classes/ session. 
-Group Classes take place at Crossings Dance Studio, please remove footwear in lobby before proceeding to studio
-If teacher has to cancel class for any reason students will receive a refund for that class

Private on-going Classes

-$30 registration fee/family applies to new students (one-time fee) 
-No Classes on Long Weekends (including Mondays)
-To cancel ongoing classes 30-days notice is required
-Automatic Payments will be taken out on the 1st business day of each month, 1st payment will be manual allowing you to input your information online in a secure manner. During first lesson we will collect Credit Card information inputting it directly into our payment software. Once inputted Credit Card number is no longer visible.
-Manual Payments will be sent an invoice on the 1st business day of each month, payment is expected within 7 days
-Teacher Cancellations: If teacher has to cancel the lesson for any reason, they may attempt to reschedule when possible, if not possible student will receive a credit towards their next month
-Student Cancellations: For over 48 hours notice students will either be rescheduled or receive a credit towards their next month. Less than 48 hours notice will result in either a reschedule or a "sick day" credit (students get 3 sick credits/ year. After 3 "sick days" reschedule will be attempted but, not guaranteed and families will forfeit the lessons cost) 



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