Ages 0-7


Our all-age classes are perfect for families who wish to bring two or more children of different ages to the same class, or for parents who simply prefer a mixed-age setting for their child or who's schedule works best for this class. These classes are geared for infants through seven-year-olds—and their caregivers— (although all ages of children are invited) to gather together for a fun-filled learning experience.  Movement activities, group dances, and instrument-play activities will be modified according to the development of each child.

Mixed-age classes offer the perfect setting for weekly family bonding time and inspire ideas for more music exploration, play, and fun at home. We welcome any and all family young and old- mom, dad, grandma, grandpa etc. All families will receive access to Kindermusik Online where they can access all the music and stories at home! 



  • Children will engage in the same music activites but, how each activity is executed will depend on the age/development of the children

  • Babies will have fun bouncing to a steady beat, bonding with their family members, and engaging in activities that will promote many areas of development such as, physical, speech, and musical development

  • Preschoolers will be challenged with learning new musical concepts while promoting math, early literacy skills and many other areas of development. 

  • Older children will learn invaluable ways of how to interact and engage with younger children while engaging their math, critical thinking, literacy skills, and more.

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